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Course Benefits

Your operational employees have the technical skills to run your organization.

We provide financial leadership training to give them the knowledge and confidence
to make sound financial decisions.

Simplify Finance

Enrich Module Key Learner Outcomes
Business Basics

Think and act like an owner or investor

Build confidence - basic financial concepts including profits, returns and cash flow cycle

Understand Company Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) and the link to Company strategy

Operating Statements

Understand revenue and expense categories and line items

Analyze operating statements

You are the owner of your financial results - improving business performance and profitability

Budgets, Forecasts

Why budgets and forecasts are important to your operations

How to prepare your budgets and forecasts

Working Captials

The key working capital items that you can influence

How to measure the performance of working capital

Things that you can do to maximize the return on working capital

Capital Assets

What are capital assets and how do they impact your actions and operating statements (including depreciation)

Capital asset budgeting and rationing – why it matters to you

Capital decision making and business plans – the process that your Company uses and why it matters to you

Financial Statements

Link your operating statements (internal) to the Company financial statements (external) to reinforce your accountability and the link to Company strategy and KPIs

The use and cost of external financial statements and why it matters to you


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